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Product Name

Sanitization Chamber


Stainless Steel




180x120x236 cm / 6x4x7.8 Feet

Industrial Disinfection Chamber

Xamoa Sanitization Chamber is a revolutionary product that combines the sanitization and measurement of your body temperature. The chamber is used for the disinfection of people, pets, goods, and other objects in public space entrance when emergency public health events occur. It can quickly measure body temperature and disinfect. There is a voice alarm for abnormal conditions (when the temperature is higher than the set temperature) and it can’t pass through the disinfection channel. The device has such functions as automatic refueling, real-time display of operation status, automatic response to incoming and exiting objects, etc. There are LED waterproof lights in the chamber, which can be used at night or in a dark environment. Equipped with casters and handles, convenient for mobile and fast installation.

People & Personnel Sanitization and Temperature Control

  • Body Temperature
  • Sanitization
  • Security
  • Control

Smart Sanitization Chamber is a body temperature infrared test touchless for people accessing public and private areas, including offices, industries, factories, schools, malls, events, trade shows, supermarkets, and more. The chamber accurately defines if the person has an abnormal temperature and does a complete sanitization of the individual using Chlorine Dioxide, Hypochlorous Acid, or any other harmful sanitizer. This way, you can avoid the propagation of epidemics.

There are two models available, one with full technology, including temperature test, face recognition, and sanitization. The other model is more fundamental and includes only the temperature test and sanitization.

The face recognition thermometer uses a high-resolution camera that integrates face recognition functions, body temperature detection, and ID validation. The system can also be used with a database of people’s names and can be programmed to record, test, and sanitize guests.

The chamber has a built-in washer fluid dispenser with automatic fluid release touch-less with a storage tank of 2.6 gallons of hand sanitizer. The sanitization chamber activates manually and has a storage tank capacity of 26 gallons for the Chlorine Dioxide, Hypochlorous Acid, or any other harmful sanitizer liquid. The usage and integration of all these elements plus its small size and versatility make this Sanitization Chamber easy to ship and install.

Features-Full System:

  • Infrared detector to measure body temperature
  • Alert for any abnormal body temperature
  • High definition camera for face recognition
  • High capacity data storage
  • Cloud Storage for all information
  • Quick face recognition, high precision
  • Warning sounds
  • Alarm voice
  • Automatic induction sprayers
  • Collect residuals to be friendly towards the environment
  • Corridor illuminates via LED lights
  • Universal castors for easy transportation and installation
  • Castors with full breaks to be securely installed

Industrial Disinfection Chamber

  • Detection Distance : <= 15 inches
  • Temperature Range: 32 to 113 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Power: 110 V – 220 V
  • Power Consumption: 400 Watts

Exterior Size Full System :

  • Height: 7.7′
  • Width : 3.9′
  • Length: 5.9′

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